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About order

Mail me if you have a resin cast pieces.

there are so many fake resin cast kit (copys) in the world even Japan.

I will never paint a fake kit.

Please chek the Copyright of your kit before you mail to me.

Probably fake kit has no box or no Copyright Seal.

Sold in Wonder Festival and other Event Limited Edition kit must have a Copyright Seal.

Follow this URL.


how to trade explain simply

1. send the kit and half of the making expence to me if you OK.

2. I'm going to satart painting your kit when I check payment.

3. check my painting of your kit on my web site or I mail to you with pictures.

4. send the other half of making expence and postage if painting is OK.

5. I ship your figure to you by EMS (if you are not living in Japan.)

6. finished.

I accept Paypal for the payment only.

Ask me if you have a question, don't hesitate.

Mail : uchoujin@gmail.com

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